Annual Summer Intensive: A Summer Weekend of Yoga with Barbara Benagh

Cited by Yoga Journal as “one of yoga’s most compelling and distinctive voices” Barbara Benagh’s way of practicing yoga asana has evolved into an inquiry that draws more attention to the path than the destination. And she has slowed the practice way down, allowing for a flow that offers an opportunity to dwell in the potent sensation of action, reaction and adaptability, in an increasingly nuanced way.

Barbara’s style is unhurried, alignment-based and rich with story. Her voice and cues carry students into the deep currents of movement that ripple through the whole body on the rhythm of breathing and the echo of the body’s memory of its aquatic origins in the sea.

This annual immersion is for experienced students. Location: Winsor School, 102 Pilgrim Rd., Boston, MA. Registration for this popular weekend will open in the spring of 2020.

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